Family Flowers is open year round for your enjoyment. There is always something  growing in the greenhouses, preparing for the season ahead!  Bedding plants fill the greenhouses in spring, ready for your early summer planting. During the summer, the Fall mums are being prepared for the Autumn season, while July sees the Christmas poinsettias being rooted for sale in December, during which time  the Easter lilies bulbs are planted for sale in the spring!. 
A full cycle of growth! In addition to the specific plants and crops mentioned, there is always sufficient stock being grown to fill all of your ‘current-season’ needs.
A complete selection of bulbs, planted and ready to be taken home and enjoyed.


All your bedding plants are right here! Browse through a full selection of all the popular favourites, as well as some new varieties every season!


At Family Flowers we keep a full range of Perennial plants in stock at all times.  See the list below for an indication of our extensive selection!  Please bear in mind that some of these varieties may be sold out, out of stock or still growing.  If there is a plant that you don't see on this list be sure to come in and ask about it, we are always adding new varieties!
Name Common Name Variety
Aconitum Henry-Sparks Variety  
Aegopodium Snow on the mountain Variegatum
Alchemilla Lady's Mantle Mollis
Anemone Windflower honorine Jobert
Armeria Sea Pink Pink
Aquilegia Colombine plena Nora Barlow
Arctostaphylos Bearberry Vancouver Jade
Asclepias Milkweed Silky Deep Red
Aster Michaelmas Daisy Novi-Bel Crimson Brocade
    Novi-Bel Mary Ballard
Astilbe False Spirea Amethyst
    Hybr Bressingham
    Hybr Cattleya
    Hybr Erika
    Hybr Fanal
    Hybr Granat
    Red Cattleya
    Hybr Spinnell
    Chin. Hybr Pumilla
    Taq. Superba
Brunnera Siberian Bugloss Macrophylla
Buddleia Butterfly Bush Mix
    Nanho Blue
    Pink Delight
Campanula Bell Flower Garganica
Campsis Trumpet Vine Orange/Red
Ceratostigma Leadwort Plumbaginoides
Chelone Turtlehead Oblique
Convallaria Lily of the Valley Majesta
Coreopsis Ticksedd Baby Sun
    Early Sunrise
Delphinium Larkspur Cherry Blossom
    Dark Blue/dk bee
    Lavender/wh bee
    Laurin Red
    Sky Blue/wh bee
Dicentra Bleeding Heart Exima Stuart Boothman
    Formosa Luxuriant
    Hybrid Ivory Hearts
    Hybrid Candy Hearts
Dianthus Pinks Arctic Fire
Digitalis Foxglove Camelot Lavender
Echinacea ConeFlower Purpurea Magnus
Epimedium Barrenwort/Fairy wing Rubrum
Euphorbia Spurge Polychroma
Fern Lady Fern Athyrium Felix-Femina
  Ostrich Feather Fern Matteuccia Struthiopteris
  Cinnamon Fern Osmunda 'Cinnamomea'
Gaultheria Wintergreen Procumbens
Gaillardia Blanket Flower Burgundy
Gazina Hardy Gazania Linearis'Colorado Gold'
Geranium Cranesbill Cinereum Splendens
    Endressi Wargrave Pink
    Hybride Johnsons Blue
    Hybrid Orion
    Pratense Black Beauty
Grass Bulbous oat Grass Arrenatherum 'Elations Bulb Variegatum'
  Feather Grass Calamogrostis 'Karl Foerster'
  Blue Fescue Festuca 'Elijah Blue'
  Japanese Forest Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola'
  Blue Oat Grass Helictotrichon sempervirens
  Japanese Blood Imperata 'Cyclin Red Baron'
  Flame Grass Miscanthus 'Purpurascens'
  Huron Sunrise Miscanthus sin. 'Huron Sunrise'
  Silver Spider Miscanthus sin. 'Silverspinne'
  Porcupine Grass Miscanthus Strictus
  Moor Grass Molina caerulea 'Strahlenquelle'
Gypsophylla Baby's Breath Paniculata
Helleborus Christmas Rose Orientalis Hybrids
Hemerocallis Day Lilly American Revolution
    Black Eyed Stella
    Bobo Anne
    Bourbon King
    Catherine Woodbury
    Chicago Apache
    Childrens Festival
    Eenie Weenie
    Gentle Shepherd
    Little Wine Cup
    Luxury Lace
    Mary Reed
    Mini Stella
    Moonlight Masquerade
    Sixth Sense
    South Seas
    Stella d'Oro
    Vanilla Fluff
    You Angel You
Heuchera Coral Bells Coral Bells
    Palace Purple
Hibiscus Hardy Hibiscus Lord Baltimore
    Ruby Dot
    Super Rose
    The Clown
Hosta Plantain Lilly abiqua Drinking Gourd
    tardiana undulata Albomarginata
    hybrid August Moon
    hybrid montana Aureamarginata
    fortunei Aureomarginata
    hybrid Big Daddy
    hybrid Blue Angel
    hybrid Blue Boy
    Blue Mammoth
    tokudama Blue Shadows
    hybrid Blue Umbrellas
    hybrid Bressingham Blue
    hybrid Brim Cup
    hybrid Brite Lights
    hybrid Cherry Berry
    hybrid Christmas Tree
    hybrid Colour Glory
    Dream Weaver
    hybrid sieboldeana Elegans
    hybrid Fire & Ice
    hybrid Fragrant Bouquet
    hybrid Francee
    Frances Williams
    hybrid Fringe Benefit
    hybrid Ginko Craig
    fortuneii Gold Standard
    hybrid Golden Tiara
    Great Expectations
    hybrid Guacamole
    tardiana Halcyon
    Julie Mors
    tardiana June
    hybrid Krosse Regal
    Lakeside Black Satin
    tardiana tokudama Love Pat
    Mayan Moon
    tardiana undulata Mediovariegata
    hybrid Minute Man
    Morning Light
    Mountain Snow
    Night Before Christmas
    Olive Bailey Langdon
    Pandora's Box
    Paradise Joyce
    fortuneii Patriot
Hosta Plantain Lilly hybrid Purple Dwarf
    hybrid Regal Splendour
    hybrid Royal Standard
    fluctans Sagai
    hybrid Shade Fanfare
    Snow Cap
    Stained Glass
    hybrid Sum and Substance
    hybrid Sunpower
    hybrid Whirlwind
    hybrid Wide Brim
    Yellow River
Incarvillea Hardy Gloxinia Delavayi
Iris Novelty Iris pallida Albo Variegata
    pallida Aurea Variegata
  Novelty Iris novelty pseudoacorus
  Japanese Iris ensata Royal Robes
    ensata Temple Bells
    ensata Picotee Wonder
  Bearded Iris germanica Loop de Loop
  Bearded Iris germanica Superstition
  Bearded Iris germanica Battle Royal
  Bearded Iris germanica Immortality
Iris Bearded Iris germanica Rock Star
    siberica Ruffled Velvet
Knophofia Red Hot Poker Uvaria
Lamium Dead Nettle Aureum
    Pink Pewter
    Red Nancy
    White Nancy
Lavender   Lavendula
Leucanthemum Shasta Daisy Becky
    Snow Lady
Liatrus Blazing Star Blue
Ligularia Golden Ray/Senecio dentata Othello
Lily   asiatic Latvia
    asiatic Loretto
    asiatic Sorbet
    kiss Aphrodite
Linum Flax Perenne
Lobelia Cardinal Flower Fan Burgundy
    Fan Rose
    Queen Victoria
Lupinus Lupine Blue
    Minarette Mix
    The Chatelaine
    My Castle
    Noble Maiden
Malva Mallow Zebrina
Monarda Bee Balm/Bergamot Blue Stocking
    Colrain Red
    Petite Delight
Nepeta Catmint Walker's Low
Pachysandra Spurge Procumbens
Paeonia Peony Duchess de Nemours
    Festiva Maxima
    Karl Rosenfield
    Louise Van Houtte
    Red Magic
    Sarah Bernhardt
    off Rosea Plena
    Rubra Plena
Parthenocissus Virginia Creeper Quinqefolia
  Boston Ivy Tricuspidata
Penstemon Beardtongue Bells Red
Penstemon   Bells Rose
Papaver Poppy Champagne Bubbels
    Oriental Mix
    orient. Orientale
    or hybrid Pattys Plum
    orient. Perrys white
Perovskia Russian Sage Atriplicifolia
Phlox subulata Creeping Phlox Candy stripe
    Emerald Blue
    Emerald Pink
Phlox Paniculata hybrid Bright Eyes
    hybrid David
    hybrid Orange Perfection
Physalis Chinese Lantern Franchetti
Platycodon Balloon Flower Shell Pink
Polemonium Jacob's Ladder Pearl Blue
    Pearl White
    Bressingham Purple
Polygonatum Solomon's Seal Giganteum
Potentilla Cinquefoil Gibson's Scarlet
Pulmonaria Lungwort sacch Mrs. Moon
Rudbeckia Black-eyed Susan Gloriosa Double Daisy
    Indian Summer
    Green Wizard
Salvia Meadow Sage Blue Queen
    Rose Queen
    Hot Trumpets Red
Sedum Stonecrop Autumn Joy
    Kamtschaticum vari
    Sieboldi vari
    Spurium Dragon's Blood
Sedum Stonecrop Spurium Tricolour
Sempervivum Hen & Chicks Cobweb
    Green Hen & Chicks
    Red Hen & Chicks
Tiarella Foamflower Wherryi
Tradescantia Spiderwort L'Innocence
Trycirtus Toad Lily Hirta
Tritoma   Flamengo
Trollius Globe Flower Europus Superbus
Verbena   Canadensis
Vinca Myrtle/Periwinkle Vinca 'Minor'
Yucca Adam's needle Filamentosa
Fall Flowers
We have a large selection of garden mums: 10 inch in lovely patio pots which come in lots of colours and shades, as well as 6 inch garden mums, all at competitive prices!
We also have a great selection of fall planters as well as Icicle Pansies (the famous pansies that you plant in the fall and they come back in the spring), as well as Fall Plantables (an assortment of cold hardy annuals and late blooming perennials for the garden or to make up your own planters) and Winter Collection (Heather and mini evergreens for pots or the garden)!
The end of summer does not mean an end of enjoyment of flowers and plants!


Christmas Poinsettias
We grow over 18,000 poinsettias, in pot sizes from 4" to 10". We also have poinsettia trees.  The colours include Red, White, Pink, Salmon, Marble, Jingle Bells, White Glitter, Carousel, Silverstar, Winter Rose (in three colours)  Monet, Davinci and Burgundy.  Come in during the Christmas season, and see our giant Poinsettia tree!











Jingle Bells

Pink Peppermint



Da Vinci





Sonara White Glitter

Winter Rose Red


Winter Rose Pink

Winter Rose White

Patio and Garden
Accessories to add that finishing touch! We carry a full selection of water accents, stoneware, garden ornaments, pots, hangers, and much more!


Tools and supplies needed for that project. We carry soils, fertilizers, gardening tools , paving and edging products, watering wands... everything to make it and keep it looking good!


Sunday, June 25, 2017
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